ePark Parking Permits & Lockers



To launch the new year and winter semester, complimentary parking will be offered at Trafalgar and Davis Campuses January 7 – 11, day and evening (6 a.m. – 6 p.m. at Hazel McCallion Campus).


Please visit parking.sheridancollege.ca for hours of operation.


Lockers will be available for students to rent online commencing Thursday, January 3.

Complete your rental transaction right here at epark! Lockers are listed as permit types* in the list of parking permits available to students. Remember to print your receipt and take your oneCARD to Security to complete registration. You will also need to purchase your own padlock.

*If you’re a student and you don’t see lockers listed as permit type, contact Parking & Locker Services at parking@sheridancollege.ca.

For information, visit lockers.sheridancollege.ca.

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HST will be added to the below amounts upon purchase

Description Amount Sales Begin Active Expires
Last updated 04/20/2019 09:56 AM
2-Semester (Winter & Spring) Locker Rental $22.12 Available Today 08/23/2019
Daily Flat Rate $10.62 Available Selectable + 1 day
Employee 1-Semester (Spring/Summer) $237.17 Available 05/06/2019 09/06/2019
Employee 15-use Permit $54.87 Available Today + 365 days
Employee 2-Semester (Winter & Spring) Permit $290.27 Available Today 09/06/2019
Evening Flat Rate $5.31 Available Selectable + 0 day
Monthly $91.59 Available Selectable Selectable
Preferred Parking Permit $444.25 Not Online Today 09/06/2019
Student 2-Semester (Winter & Spring) Permit $290.27 Available Today 09/06/2019
Code Description Amount
001 Failure to Pay for Parking $30.00
002 Failure to Display Valid Permit $30.00
003 Parking in Non-designated Area $30.00
004 Failure to Park in Accordance with Lot Layout $30.00
005 Blocking or Obstructing $50.00
006 Parking in Fire Route $150.00
007 Parking in Accessible Space without Permit $150.00
008 Displaying Forged or Altered Permit $125.00
009 Displaying Lost or Stolen Permit $125.00
010 Overnight Parking $30.00
011 Parking Three-deep $30.00
012 Driving without Due Care and Attention $30.00
013 Failure to Obey Regulatory Signs $30.00
014 Failure to Yield to Pedestrians $30.00
015 Failure to Obey Directions $50.00
016 Supplying False Information $50.00
Fee costs are not available at this time
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